Theme in BayMajor
(Mr Cognac Bey x DBA Celebration )

Theme in BayMajor++ is a 12 year old Arabian gelding who has proven himself in not only Sport Horse in hand, but in the dressage ring as well. Beautiful and athletic. Very willing worker. National qualifier consistently. Major is ready to continue his dressage career carrying a new rider. We have taken Major over a few jumps and he did it beautifully even though his training hasn't been that direction. If you are looking for your next horse to take into the dressage, sport horse or Arabian hunter ring, take a look at this guy. Very reasonably priced considering his experience and training.


Congratulations to Pam Millspaw of PA on her purchase of this fabulous boy. It was instant love between these two and I look forward to updates on how their relationship is growing through their Western Dressage Training!