What is Reiki?

Reiki (pr: Ray-Key) is a Japanese relaxation technique that works on principles that are similar to acupuncture. It has been used in Eastern medicine for a very long time and used in the United States since 1938.  It balances energy in the body to help it to heal itself from mental or physical stresses. Balanced energy in the body promotes a healthy system. Unlike acupuncture, Reiki requires no needles or pressure points and is administered by a laying-on of hands technique. Reiki has been known to have phenomenal results, especially when used alongside proper medical treatment (for illness or injury, Reiki is meant to be used as a compliment to traditional medical treatments.) It can aid in accelerating healing and promoting relaxation during stressful times like training and showing.

Horses & Reiki
Reiki can be used to treat a variety of conditions in horses.  The healing energy can help horses recover from traumatic events such as accidents;  it can help them heal more quickly from illness;  or injury; and it can help nervous horses learn to relax and reduce their stress.  It is amazing to watch horses respond to Reiki treatments. Most horses truly enjoy having Reiki done on them and many will be so relaxed that they fall asleep by the end of the session.

Reiki is a subtle process and works differently for each horse.  Just as we humans are individuals and respond differently to treatment, the same applies to horses. Reiki’s effects can be seen immediately in some horses, while the results may be more gradual in others and you notice the improvements over the days following a session.

Reiki complements horse training in many ways, allowing the horse to become more supple and responsive while decreasing the risk from stress. A relaxed and content horse will be more likely to progress with fewer muscle strains, less risk of ulcers and a more positive outlook on training.

Karen & Reiki
Karen is a Certified Reiki Master with many years of experience.  She uses Reiki as a part of her training program and is also available for individual sessions (at her farm or at your farm.) 

For more information on Reiki visit www.reiki.org 

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