Karen Bessel offers training and lesson programs tailored to meet the goals and experience level of each client.  From local shows to the world championships, from beginners to experienced show riders, she has the experience and knowledge to help her clients develop their skills while having a fun and rewarding experience.

Karen provides training in Western Pleasure, Hunt Seat, English Pleasure, Western and Classical Dressage.  She is focused on working with Morgans and Arabians, but has the background to work with any breed.  Her emphasis is on producing a horse that is respectful, confident and happy, while also being balanced, supple and soft.  She uses her background in dressage as a basis for her training program to achieve a light and supple horse. She believes that each horse is an individual and tailors the training program to focus on bringing out the talent of the horse, while prepping the horse to be a suitable match for the rider.

Lessons with Karen are fun, rewarding and educational for riders of all ages and abilities.  The lesson program is focused on developing confident riders that have good balance and skills.  Whether it is a beginner or experienced rider, Karen helps her clients improve their riding, in a fun and safe environment.  For clients with a horse in training, she works with them to understand how she has trained their horses and use the right cues to get the desired result.

Lessons are offered in: 

  • Hunt Seat
  • Western
  • Saddle Seat
  • Classical Dressage
  • Western Dressage

Lesson horses are available.

Showing is a goal for many of Karen’s clients. The thrill and fun of having a brilliant ride, and winning a ribbon is enjoyed by people of all ages. From local shows to national shows, Karen has helped riders and horse owners achieve their goals. She helps beginners prepare for their first show and experienced riders put the polish on their performance.  For those who prefer to watch their horse being shown, she is a skillful rider who can bring out the optimal performance in a horse.   Showing with Karen is a rewarding experience focused on doing your best and having fun!